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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Ignoring hearing loss can cause several problems in your day-to-day life, from making it difficult to communicate with coworkers to personal issues with loved ones. Hearing solutions provided by Nanci Campbell, AuD covers a range of hearing-related problems, whether caused by aging or noise damage. Even if the symptoms are minor, it's never too early to get tested.

Hearing Evaluations

The hearing evaluation determines if hearing aids are an acceptable treatment option. Coming to this decision isn't taken lightly and requires accurate tests.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

All of the information given during the hearing aid fitting is vital for day to day operation. Warranty, maintenance, features, apps and even future appointments will be discussed during the fitting. Patients can use this session to ask essential questions about their hearing health. 

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Speech Mapping

During the hearing aid fitting, real ear measures are used to verify the fitting of hearing aids. A tiny probe tube is placed in the ear canal near the eardrum to take measurements of what the ear is actually hearing. This customizes the fitting parameters to the individual.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Warranties will be discussed before and after the hearing aid evaluation and fitting. Simple repairs can be handled on site by our audiologist while extensive damage may be sent to the manufacturer. When hearing aids are sent off to the manufacturer, additional options and estimated waiting times will be discussed with the patient.

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Cerumen Management

Earwax is natural, and on its own helpful to the auditory system. When the body doesn't properly get rid of earwax or produces too much, blockages occur. Cerumen removal gets rid of excess wax and can prevent temporary hearing problems. Dr. Campbell is experienced with all methods of removing excess or impacted cerumen from your ears.

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Earmolds and Earplugs

For a customized fit that maximizes the functionality of a hearing device, sometimes earmolds are required. They are made from an impression of the ear, enhancing comfort and sound in both ears. Custom earplugs are protect the ears from dangerous noise. The features of earplugs differ based on type, with each offering specific benefits.

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Musicians' Earplugs and Monitors

Earplugs for musicians protect the ears from loud sounds without degrading the quality of the highs and lows. This is an important feature for professionals making music in the studio. When performing live, in-ear monitors are a vital accessory to hear the music and protect your ears.

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